Releasing "Apologize"!

I'm not gonna bore you with the story about why it has taken me over a year to release new music. Forward: I've got a brand new single coming out, worldwide, in just a little over a week! And on my own new label "Berger", wich is also sort of my artistname now too, I'll be using both for a while. I'm so happy and proud to be going independent, after 12 years working in the industry it feels like the right move. The team I'm working with now is also just so kick-ass, and I feel heard and respected in every way, so things couldn't be better! 

The song is very dear to my heart, and I think you will understand why when you hear it. The big question remains, will you feel, will you relate? It is my goal this time around, to not create a dreamworld in wich you can escape, but to offer you a piece of my world, my truth and me basically. 

We have also recorded a video to the song, and I will tell you all about it later, cause that is a project I can talk about for days... 

For now: On January 22nd, check out "Apologize" where you listen to music!

Margaret Berger

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