The studio-process writing "Apologize"

I met the producer Anders Kjær in White Room, fall 2014. After many sessions earlier that year, trying to catch the magic of "I feed you my love" in a second song, I was exhausted with creating things that did not come naturally to me. 

So when Anders asked me what I wanted to write about, or sound like, I said: "I just wanna make music! I don't care really what it will be used for, I wanna jam and sing." 

So we did. We worked for a few sessions, found a base-sound, that is sort of the foundation of the chorusproduction as it sounds today. I wrote things from my life, my mind and tried to be as genuine as I could. We struggled with getting the chorus as good as it needed to be to match the track, so we had the wonderful artist Ary come in and put down ideas. The three of us had a great session together. And I remember Ary and me bonding over being "crazy in love". You know, when you're that girl that shows up on his doorstep, or lie down in the street in the middle of an argument, because you just can't deal. It's not funny, but it kind of is. 

So the core of the song I guess, sprung out of this. Love can make anyone bananas, and you will do stupid things, and you will say things you don't mean, and do things that will make you blush for years to come. And you will propably hurt the people you love(no I don't mean physically, that's never ok boys and girls). You will have to face your demons, deal with it and finally somehow accept yourself. 

"Apologize" was not a song that was easy to write and to finish. Anders and I had several sessions after this co-writing-session. We rewrote chords and did vocals over again. I think we spent 6-7 months on and off before it was ready to be mixed. The middle part feels like we just finished! I remember thinking to myself that Bruce Springsteen spent 6 months in the studio recording "Born to run" and that I should not freak out or give up. Stick to it... somethings great come easy, somethings you have to work for. I'm grateful for Anders and Ary lending me their talents and gifts and helping me to be brave and vulnerable. 

Please let me know what you think of the song. 

And thank you for your ears. Xoxo 

Anders Kjær, Margaret Berger

My producer Anders Kjær in action. 

Margaret Berger
Margaret Berger

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