Margaret Berger, originally from Trondheim in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, has been active in the music industry for almost fifteen years. Her debut album Chameleon (2004) earned her two Norwegian Grammy Award nominations; Best New Artist and Music Video of the Year for her song Lifetime Guarantee, the latter for which she took home the award.

With her next album, Pretty Scary Silver Fairy (2006), we saw a more eclectic side of Berger, where she moved towards a new, electro-inspired sound, like in her hit single Samantha.

After Pretty Scary Silver Fairy she took a step away from the spotlight to focus on work as a DJ for the club concept “Cloudbusting”, her songwriting, and selected glimpses of greatness. When she returned in 2011 with the song In A Box, she proved herself as a gifted storyteller with a more intuitive and playful approach to her own subject matter.

With the song I Feed You My Love, Margaret performed Norway’s contribution to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, and the ice queen from Trondheim mesmerized Europe.  With great confidence, she’s established herself as a great artist with versatility to own any stage, be it Eurovision, the underground club scene, or massive festival stages.

It’s been somewhat quiet in the media since her victory in the Norwegian Eurovision final and her amazing performance in the international Eurovision Song Contest, but after smaller stints as a judge in Norwegian Idol and a collaboration with underground pop duo F.A.C.E., we will finally get a taste of what’s really been brewing for the last four years.

Berger has chosen to release her music on her own label, and if there’s one word to best describe Berger in 2016, the obvious choice is ”independent” – something clearly emphasized thematically in the first of several upcoming releases.

In the cross-section between artist and person lies Apologize, a single as uncompromising as it is soul searching. A painful, yet honest and personal confrontation where one re-emerges both stronger and wiser. The lyrics reflect the sincerity within Berger and how she instead of fighting her demons, embrace them and make them the undercurrent in her songwriting.

Where other artists play ”musical dress up” in a wide variety of ways, Berger’s musical development moves in the opposite direction. Every song peels off another layer, allowing us to get increasingly closer to who Margaret Berger really is.

In late 2016 she released a new track Running with Scissors which Berger performed live during P3Aksjonen amongst others.

Berger is currently writing new material for her upcoming music.

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